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Bank of Changsha

Bank of Changsha Bank of Changsha

About bank

Founded in May, 1997, Changsha Commercial Bank is the first local share-holding commercial bank in Hunan Province.

Confronted with all kinds of opportunities and challenges, Changsha Commercial Bank has been adhering to the development of market-orientation, localization, shareholding diversification, capitalization and globalization. It is characterized as “government’s bank, medium-and-small-sized enterprises’ bank, citizens’ bank”, and it fully brings the endowment and advantages of the bank as corporate capacity into play with prompt responding, quick decision-making, efficient innovation and local brand. Changsha Commercial Bank has been keeping reform and innovation, promoting technology development, with the aim of developing core competitiveness and advancing comprehensive strength and development quality greatly. By the end of 2007, its registered capital reached RMB 754 million yuan, with 32 subordinate branches, 57 operational networks and 1695 employees. The total asset of the bank was above 55 billion yuan, the outstanding balance of all deposit reached 40 billion yuan and outstanding loan of 19.2 billion yuan. The profit totaled 640 million yuan, and the capital adequacy ratio was at 10.59% and provision coverage ratio of 117%. Changsha Commercial Bank was in the front rank in terms of comprehensive strength, with almost all kinds of structural indices standing above the average, and it was classified into the second grade banks as good as those listed banks like China Merchants Bank and Beijing Banks an so on (first grand vacancy).
Changsha Commercial bank always advocates and persists in the development concept of coordinating “Capital, Quality, Profit, and Scale”. The bank keeps deepening the connotation of its “Culture of Cohesion” and aims at becoming the best government’s bank, medium and small enterprises’ bank and citizens’ bank in China. Over the past decade since it was founded, it has supported more than 100 important local projects for the province and the city, taking the lead in the market in terms of treasury centralized payment, non-tax revenue, social insurance, public entrusted loan, key project financing and so on. The bank has provided supports to more than 4500 medium and small enterprises, and held unique competitive advantages in cluster development for medium and small enterprises, trade finance, industrial chain finance etc. It also has supported more than 200 thousands citizens in consuming, financial planning and starting up career, and built up predominant reputation and social image with its excellent services favored by citizens such as circulating credit for government employees, lotus credit card, fund supermarket, golden lotus community card, golden lotus financial planning and so on.