Our goal is to help private and corporate clients find a favorable offer or an adequate service and obtain basic financial literacy.

Extensive longtime surveys of banking industry in China have revealed the range of Chinese bank clients’ requirements. As a result, a unique online resource in English, Russian and Chinese has been created to provide people with some useful information, online advice and discuss an ambiguous situation or a bank product.

Mobile Apps for iOS and Android have been developed taking into account current bank clients’ needs. Reading banking news and finding the nearest bank branch or an ATM machine takes just a few seconds regardless of your location.

Mobile Apps let the resource visitors become the co-authors of the site by correcting or updating information, writing comments and filling in questionnaires.

Visiting a bank, mobile apps users can check in and help other bank customers by sharing information about the queue length and other details.

The most active users are going to get special reward from the banks and the online resource "My Chinese Banks".

The website navigation can be characterized as user-friendly since it helps the visitors read the China banking and financial institutions news, press-releases, tenders data and financial market research. The online resource makes the clients’ choice of an e-commerce payment system easier by providing relevant analytical information about this dynamic sector.

Website visitors learn firsthand about the bank products which are on special offer due to quick information updating.

Planning to open an account, buy a house or a car? You will get all necessary data about deposits, credits, debit and credit cards in the Private Banking section. Efficiently organized distinct information accumulated on the website makes the choice of the service you are interested in much easier and timesaving.

Recent foreign exchange market news is represented in the Forex section.

The Vacancy section contains information about job offers in Chinese banks all over the country.

Website "My Chinese Banks" is a helpful financial guide for foreign tourists and businesspeople. The ATM machines addresses, the latest exchange rates and other factual data are available in English, Chinese and Russian.

The Corporate Clients section offers detailed information on opening an account and credit terms in Chinese banks.

Dealing with banks within the law appears to be much easier after studying the legal framework collation.

Watching the banks’ presentations and commercial films will open up new financial horizons for the website visitors. Bank clients’ comments score an independent rating which vividly indicates the level of customer service helps a client choose the bank and allows the banks to become more client-oriented and invent new attractive offers. Active visitors of "My Chinese Banks" who share their photos and experience will participate in the reward program and receive valuable gifts.

Our resource promotes efficient communication and interaction between the suppliers and the consumers of bank facilities in China. The electronic trading facility enables banking equipment manufacturers from different countries to find their customers.