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Fujian Haixia Bank Fujian Haixia Bank

About bank

Formerly Fuzhou Commercial Bank, Fujian Haixia Bank was founded on December 27th 1996 and approved to be set up by the PBC. Based on 14 former city credit cooperatives in Fuzhou, it was co-financed by the local finance bureau, companies and individuals and is the first regional shareholding commercial bank in Fuzhou that has independent legal entity. Fujian Haixian Bank has 3 branches in Zhangzhou, Longyan and Ningde and 35 sub-branches as well as one sales office. 

The year of 2009 is an important year and a milestone in the bank's development history. Facing tough macro-economy and fierce market competition, we proactively carried out regulation policy. Centering on the yearly objective set up by the board of directors, we operated cautiously and achieved healthy and rapid development. 

By the end of 2009, the bank had
l          Total asset of 41.53 billions yuan, up 10.74 billions or 34.9% compared to the beginning of the year
l          Deposit balance of 28.3 billions, up 5.91 billions or 26.4%
l          Loan balance of 19.59 billions, up 3.68 billions or 23.1%
l          Non-performing loan rate of 1.39%, down 0.93 %
l          Provision coverage ratio of 162.1%, up 84.4%
l          Profit of 460 millions, up 50 millions or 11% compared to the previous year
All the performance indicators excelled the regulatory requirement.
In 2010, standing on a new starting point and planning for the future, based on China's rapid developing economy and what we have achieved in the last 13 years, we are confident about the bank's further development. Facing the nation's new wave of financial development, we are determined to seize the opportunity and make bigger contribution to the economy of the west coast of the Taiwan Strait.